Spray nozzles may be a small component of industrial processes, but installing the proper nozzle improves production quality and uptime while saving valuable resources. Our extensive catalog offers over 75,000 nozzles for coating, cleaning, cooling, scrubbing, injection, spray drying, humidification, sanitizing, and more.

With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial nozzles and spray technology, BETE's expertise can help you find the best spray nozzle solutions for your specific industrial applications.

The BETE XAER full cone air atomizing nozzle.
Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

Nozzles for applications that require the very fine droplets of an atomized spray, including humidification, coating, and gas cooling.

Automatic Spray Nozzles

Intermittent spray nozzles for precision coating, moistening, lubrication, and cooling in food processing, building materials, and chemical processing.
The BETE NF flat fan nozzle.
Fan Spray Nozzles

Flat spray nozzles for precision spray impact in conveyor applications, bottle and container washing, industrial parts, and car washing.
A image of the BETE MaxiPass nozzle.
Full Cone Spray Nozzles

The most frequently used type of nozzle for gas cooling and scrubbing in the petrochemical processing industry. The spray forms a conical shape with complete spray coverage.
The BETE WTX right angle hollow cone nozzle.
Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles

Nozzles that spray a thin ring of liquid around the perimeter of a conical spray pattern. Ideal for cooling, gas scrubbing, and dust control.
A photo of the BETE PJ misting nozzle.
Misting Spray Nozzles

Nozzles that produce fog and misting spray for evaporative cooling in the wastewater industry, humidification in food and beverage processing, and dust suppression in the mining industry.
A photo of the BETE TF spray nozzle.
Spiral Spray Nozzles

Nozzles for quenching, scrubbing, and cooling in pollution control, petrochemical processing, and renewable fuel production. Featuring the original BETE pigtail nozzle design.
A photo of the TD spray drying nozzle.
Spray Drying Nozzles

Nozzles that transform liquids into a powder. Useful for spray dry applications in the dairy, pet food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing industries.
A photo of the BETE FINZ specialized air blow-off nozzle.
Accessory & Special Purpose Nozzles

Nozzle accessories and specialty nozzles.
A photo of the N fire protection nozzle.
Fire Protection Nozzles

High-performance tested and certified nozzles for open-type deluge and fire protection systems in petroleum storage tanks, highway tunnels, and offshore drilling platforms.
A photo of the TurboMix.
Tank Mixing Nozzles

Eductors are nozzles for mixing, blending, and agitating liquids in tanks for food and beverage processing, chemical processing, and petrochemical processing.
A photo of the BETE HydroWhirl Orbitor 100 tank cleaning nozzle.
Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Optimize your tank cleaning process with static and rotational spray nozzles for washing totes, IBCs, fermenters, railcars, and storage tanks.

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The electric HydroPulse spraying a coating on to the top of a croissant.

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