BETE spray technology is used in multiple industries including chemical processing, petrochemical processing, energy, cement, and food and beverage processing.

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3D rendering of parquet strips in different types of engineered wood
Building MaterialsPrecision spray control solutions for engineered wood, roofing materials, cement, or carpet and floor manufacturers.
CementMinimize maintenance and downtime in cement plants with pollution control and gas conditioning nozzles.
Detail of a chemical processing plant with large tanks, ducts, and pipes.
Chemical ProcessingHigh-quality spray technology designed with durable corrosion-resistant materials for harsh environments.
Concept of energy storage system. Renewable energy - photovoltaics, wind turbines and Li-ion battery container in fresh nature. 3d rendering.
EnergyEffective spray solutions for renewable and non-renewable energy sectors including solar, wind, fossil fuels, and storage.
Well testing operation (flaring) of an oil and gas drilling rig. Burning huge gas flame controlled by a fire protection deluge system consisting of specialized spray nozzles.
Fire SafetyFM, UL-approved nozzles for protecting offshore drilling, LNG tanks, refineries, and transfer stations.
A composition with assorted food and beverage products on wooden kitchen table
Food and Beverage ProcessingSpray nozzles and spray systems for coating, cooling, tank cleaning, and spray drying.
MiningSpray solutions for cleaning, dust control/suppression, coating, evaporative disposal, and more.
Industrial plant petrochemical processing refinery at night - production and processing of crude oil.
Petrochemical & RefiningSpray lances, injectors, and spray systems designed for high performance under extreme refinery conditions.
A processing plant with quality-controlled air pollution plumes of smoke and steam coming out of factory chimneys.
Pollution ControlMitigate pollution with spray nozzles and spray systems designed for flue gas desulfurization, gas scrubbing, and SCR/SNCR applications.
Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean energy.
Renewable FuelsChemical injection, NOx removal, gas scrubbing, and tanking cleaning nozzles used for ethanol, biofuel, and hydrogen fuel production.
Spray nozzles for Steel and Aluminum Industry
SteelMinimize waste in steel and aluminum production using spray technology designed for roll cooling, pickling lines, lubrication, and pollution control.
Large bales of crushed cans stacked outside of a waste-to-energy plant with a chimney flue in the background emitting steam or smoke into the air.
Waste ManagementFoam control, tank mixing, and evaporative disposal nozzles used for landfills, incinerators, and recycling.
Waste-to-energy plant with storage of wooden fuel.
Waste-to-EnergySpray technology used for gas conditioning and pollution control in waste-to-energy and resource plants.
Water TreatmentSpray solutions used for optimizing foam control, tank mixing, aeration, or air stripping in water and wastewater treatment plants.
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