A man dressed in fire proof suit taking a nozzle out of a furnace.

Off-shore fire suppression applications include deluge, foam, and water wall systems where the nozzles are subject to extreme weather conditions and exposure to seawater. BETE N series nozzles are Factory Mutual a fire protection requirement for operation out of U.S. ports. These nozzles often replace older CO2-based systems on ships with a water system.

Selecting An Off-Shore Fire Nozzle

Important factors to consider:

Size & shape of target object or area

Applicable design specifications and requirements

  • Required protection type:
    • Extinguish, containment, or cooling
  • Required flow rates/coverage densities
  • Allowable run-down

Potential wind drift

Nozzle material requirements

  • BETE can manufacture nozzles in a wide range of materials suitable for off-shore and marine applications

Available nozzle mounting locations

Available pressure drop (∆P) across the nozzle

  • ∆P = supply pressure at nozzle inlet – process pressure outside nozzle

As a nozzle manufacturer, BETE Fog Nozzle Inc. cannot assume responsibility for the design of life/safety systems

Recommended Nozzles

Contact our spray experts to find the perfect nozzle for your application.