BETE Can Perform Every Procedure In-House From Casting & Machining to Assembly

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is proudly located in Greenfield, MA, USA. We utilize various manufacturing processes to produce standard nozzles and tailored spray solutions for specific application requirements. We attribute the driving force behind all of this to our highly qualified employees. They respond to the needs of our customers – ensuring we meet all performance, quality, and delivery expectations.

CIM – Advanced Computer Integrated Manufacturing

BETE's advanced CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) environment links CAD workstations, a CAM part programming system, and CNC machining to optimize manufacturing lead times.

Reduced manufacturing times can improve your delivery

Our computerized scheduling system sequences every step in the production process, constantly adjusting the loads at each workstation to maximize throughput. This advantage makes it possible to manufacture any one of thousands of products within a short time while providing a reliable delivery forecast.

Manufacturing Process

BETE is the only nozzle manufacturer with a complete in-house investment casting foundry.

In 1977, BETE made a significant new production commitment by setting up an in-house casting foundry, expanding our standard and exotic alloys inventory range. Ours is one of the first foundries in the world to cast Nickel Alloy C-22.

Investment Casting

Casting offers a precise and economical way to produce complex shapes in alloys that are difficult or expensive to machine. We can cast nozzles to meet your specific material requirements with quick delivery with various alloys in our inventory. You can count on our engineering support to select the best material for maximum effectiveness and operating life in your application.

Assembly & Fabrication

BETE takes its ability to provide robust spray nozzles one step further by fabricating spray assemblies to install for immediate use. We work to your requirements, from simple to complex, incorporating all your specifications. Our welders are fully qualified to ASME B & PV Code Section IX. Our capabilities make it possible to manufacture nozzles with combined alloys, offering superior anti-abrasion or corrosion properties.
  • ASME Certified Welding
  • Grinding
  • Plasma Spray Coating
  • Ceramic Fabrication
  • Plating
  • Filament Winding of FRP
  • Heat Treating

Injection Molding

CNC Machining

When you need a reliable nozzle supplier who can provide you with everything from design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing to customer support –BETE is your partner and single source.
Detail of BETE Manufacturer holding nozzleDetail of BETE Investment CastingDetail of BETE Custom Spray Fabrications
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