Environmental Sustainability

At BETE, we aim to continually improve our sustainability initiatives and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. Our spray technology supports many sustainable business practices by saving resources and waste, reducing air pollution, improving water quality, and keeping our environment safe.

MAKE YOUR OPERATION more sustainable with the right spray technology

Operate Efficiently With Automated Processes

In many operations, manual labor produces inconsistencies using more resources and waste.  For a business to remain sustainable operational efficiency must be improved.

Spray technology has proven to be more productive in replacing manual labor processes, including cleaning, coating, cooling, lubricating, and many more.  Automated processes run more efficiently, increasing productivity and using fewer resources for a more sustainable operation.

Reduce Waste, Chemicals, & Resources

Manufacturing plants operate more sustainably by considering other methods and strategies to reduce waste, chemicals, and resources.  Using the right nozzle or spray system can optimize spray performance and produce less waste and resources, resulting in cost savings.

BETE provides plant audits to review processes, evaluate nozzle performance and make recommendations to improve efficiencies and achieve sustainability with spray products and systems.

Lower Toxic Emissions Into Our Air & Water

Environmental pollution affects human and animal health in many ways, eventually leading to serious problems.  Our spray nozzles and spray systems provide innovative solutions for pollution control applications.  Many of our products are made from wear-resistant, reliable materials used in harsh environments.  BETE spray injectors are designed to limit NOx emissions and improve air quality.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Waste must be transported and disposed of in a manner that does not harm the environment. BETE spray nozzles are used in many incineration and landfill processes for gas cooling, gas scrubbing, dust suppression, and odor control. Our innovative spray technology provides a safer method for disposing of waste properly.

Improve Water Quality Through Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment plants are challenged with creating a reliable, consistent infrastructure that can be managed and upgraded well into the future.  The biggest challenge is removing contaminants from wastewater and recovering resources for reuse.

Spray nozzles can be used to remove VOCs and THMs from contaminated water by stripping these unwanted chemicals from the water through diffusion.  Water treatment and wastewater treatment plants can benefit from innovative spray technology solutions that can optimize their processes.

Prevent Batch & Product Contamination

Food and beverage companies are investing in plant upgrades by installing or upgrading plant equipment that meets hygienic standards for a safer and more productive operation.  The spread of bacteria and product contamination can put food and beverage companies at serious risk if processes are not followed correctly and equipment is not properly sanitized.

BETE designs and manufactures spray nozzles and spray systems that meet hygienic requirements for tank cleaning, coating, humidification, and cooling.  Our tank cleaning nozzles are developed to reduce water consumption and cycle times for an efficient operation.

Establish A Routine Maintenance Program

Spray nozzles that are not thoroughly inspected and regularly evaluated for wear or damage can cause operations to fail or lead to thousands of dollars in wasted resources. Just like other equipment, spray nozzles require maintenance.

By establishing a routine nozzle maintenance program, operations save on resources and run efficiently. BETE offers a Nozzle Maintenance Guide with tips on cleaning nozzles and guidelines for identifying poor nozzle performance.

As a family-owned company BETE promotes an environmentally friendly culture & takes a long-term view of best practices.

We aim to continually improve our sustainability initiatives and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. To do our part in addressing the global concern of climate change, we will:

Fully comply with all applicable State and Federal regulations.

Develop, manufacture, and market products and services that are safe for their intended use, efficient in their use of energy, protective of the environment, and reused, recycled, or disposed of safely.

Establish and use processes that do not adversely affect the environment, including developing and improving operations and technologies to minimize waste; prevent air, water, and other pollution, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

Promote knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among all employees, suppliers, and customers to continually improve environmental impact and prevent pollution.

In support of our Environmental Policy, BETE has made the following investments in our operations:

Installation of a 150KW Solar PV System adjacent to our manufacturing operations supplies nearly 20% of our electrical demand.

Complete LED lighting retrofit to our manufacturing and administrative offices

Recirculating water control systems in our test labs and manufacturing operations reduce water usage.

An on-site Safety Coordinator is responsible for managing activities that support our health, safety, and environmental policies.

Participate in state and federal energy audit programs to further reduce our operations' electrical and fossil fuel consumption.

In support of our Environmental Policy, BETE has made the following investments in our operations

An active Safety Committee is responsible for identifying and implementing improvements to minimize health and safety risks and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

Pollinator Garden - Many plant pollinators like bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles are in steep decline because of habitat loss from development, climate change, and pesticides. This loss threatens our food supply and directly threatens many ecosystems. Planting a garden is one way you can make a difference. BETE employees embraced this challenge to grow and maintain a pollinator garden at BETE's USA Headquarters.

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