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Tank Cleaning Solution for Food Processing

Soups and sauces cooked in kettles reach high temperatures, leaving residue caked onto the surface walls. The kettles must be cleaned and sanitized between batches to prevent cross-contamination. For these crucial applications, the right spray device will optimize cleaning and reduce downtime.
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Detail of an electric melting furnace.

Flue Gas Cooling for Steel Industry

Cooling of exhaust gases from the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is critical to controlling temperatures of the gas in the ductwork as it enters the baghouse to prevent a fire. Air atomizing nozzles are ideal for cooling the gases because they produce very fine droplets, but air consumption can be high and costly if the proper nozzle is not selected.
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Detail of industrial chemical plant.

Spray Lance Injection for Chemical Processing

Quills are not always the best method for injecting chemical inhibitors where spray distribution is critical. For these applications, fabricated spray injectors with a nozzle produce more accurate results for spray injection.
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Our spray technology innovations improve sustainable operations in a broad range of industries – including Food & Beverage Processing, Chemical Processing, Energy, and Pollution Control. We listen to and partner with our customers to ensure the optimal solution for their spraying challenge.
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