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FlexFlow® Spray System Improves Cookie Production Efficiency With Precision Lubrication on Bakery Equipment

During cookie production, many bakeries use an automated cutting knife to portion dough onto a conveyor. Without proper lubrication, the cutting knife and conveyor belt become sticky with built-up dough, forcing workers to stop the process so they can clean the equipment manually. This leads to excess labor hours and lost productivity.
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Soup in a large metal container being cooked.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles Save Food Processor $144K Annually in Reduced Maintenance

Soups and sauces cooked in kettles reach high temperatures, leaving residue caked onto the surface walls. The kettles must be cleaned and sanitized between batches to prevent cross-contamination. For these crucial applications, the right tank cleaning nozzle will optimize cleaning and reduce downtime.
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Chemical industry on sunset and Twilight sky, Power plant, Energy 0power station area.

Automated Spray System for Chemical Processing Enhances Gas Cooling Performance and Reliability

A demineralized water injection system is needed to quench calciner furnace exhaust gas upstream of dust collection equipment at a chemical processing plant during the manufacture of specialty catalyst. Spray nozzles need to produce small droplet sizes to achieve complete evaporation, which requires pumps for high-pressure water supply, controls, and instrumentation to regulate and monitor the gas temperature.
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