BETE spray technology is used in a variety of applications and industries including energy, water treatment, chemical processing, petrochemical processing, and food and beverage processing.

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Aeration tank in wastewater and sewage treatment plant, industrial water recycling and purification
Aeration Air Stripping

Remove VOCs and THMs from contaminated water

Air Inlet cooling systems to control of pressure, humidity, temperature.
Air Inlet Cooling

Solutions for cooling inlet air streams with misting nozzles

Looking up at a chemical processing plant with towers, ducts, and pipes where chemical injection application processing occurs.
Chemical Spray Injection

Prevent corrosion and scale build-up with spray injectors

Two illustrations showing headers with nozzles spraying to clean conveyors and produce in processing plants.
Cleaning and Washing

Spray technology for conveyor cleaning, parts washing, produce washing, and more

BETE FlexFlow Precision Spray Control System with Electric HydroPulse Automatic Spray Nozzles Spraying Croissants on a Bakery Conveyor Coating Application

Achieve uniform spray coverage and minimal waste for coating

Image of cement plant
Dry Scrubber

Spray technology for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and HCL/SO2 removal

Many small bolts and nuts by manufacturing process in parts factory
Drying and Air Blow Off

Solutions for removing liquids or residues from surfaces

Graphic of Dust Suppression explaining the difference between small droplets having a better suppression of dust then large droplets.
Dust Suppression

Reduce and control dust in areas, on conveyors, and transfer points

Detail of Evaporative Disposal Pond for Oil Industry. Oil dump evaporation lake, oil Landfill.
Evaporative Disposal

Dispose of excess water with evaporative cooling nozzles

Detail of Well testing operation (flaring) of an oil and gas drilling rig.
Fire Protection Deluge

Protect equipment with cooling, evaporation, and wetting

Detail of Well testing operation (flaring) of an oil and gas drilling rig.
Fire Protection Marine

Fire protection of ship decks, cargo, and tanker vessels

Detail of Firemen using water from hose for fire fighting
Fire Protection Water Mist

Minimize damage to water-sensitive equipment or other assets and for halon replacement

Testing fire protection systems at Industrial plant
Fire Protection Water Wall

Shield personnel and equipment against radiant heat, harmful gases, and flames

An array of spiral nozzles layered inside of an open-tower wet flue gas desulfurization structure.
Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Absorber

Remove toxic pollutants from exhaust gases in refineries, incinerators, and power plants.

BETE spray nozzles are being used for foam control at a wastewater treatment plant.
Foam Control

Control foam in water basins, mixing vessels, and more

Detail of Industry plant twilight
Gas Cooling and Conditioning

Solutions for controlling gases and improving pollution control

Refinery towers at night
Gas Scrubbing

Remove pollutants and contaminants from process gasses, liquids, and equipment

Looking up at an industrial air humidifier in a greenhouse.

Increase or add humidity in ducts, chambers, or rooms

Detail of Lubrication on conveyor line

Achieve precision lubrication on conveyors, gears, and machine parts

Image of offshore cargo ships with container stacks
Marine Gas Scrubbing

Remove sulfur oxides from ship exhaust gases (FGD)

Image of processing equipment at a chemical refinery plant
NOx Removal (SCR/SNCR)

Control NOx emissions with ammonia or urea injection

Modern sewage treatment plant, aerial view from drone
Odor Control

Spray odor-neutralizing agents

: Industrial equipment to scrub pollutants from process gasses at processing plants. Packed bed distribution towers.
Packed Bed Distribution

Distribute fluids evenly over packing materials in scrubbers

Detail of A bottle of beer on a conveyor belt under a stream of water. Only the bottle is in focus. The concept of production.
Product Cooling

Effective methods to reduce temperatures of components and parts

Snow gun or snowy cannon in winter ski mountains.
Snow Making

Improve snowmaking process with nucleation nozzles

Spray Drying

Solutions to produce spray-dried powders

Aeration tank in wastewater and sewage treatment plant, industrial water recycling and purification
Tank Mixing

Improve mixing, blending, and agitating with eductor nozzles

Image of chemical engineer in front of a chemical refinery plant
Toxic Gas Mitigation

Spray technology to help contain water-soluble, toxic gases from the air

Silvery distillation columns at a chemical processing plant entangled in a multitude of pipes, valves, and sensors.
Vacuum Distillation

Precisely distribute process fluids into vacuum distillation units

Refinery towers at night
Venturi Scrubbing

Remove fly ash and particulates from gas streams

A petrochemical processing plant with various processing columns and towers.Industrial pipelines of an oil-refinery plant
Water Wash Injection

Wash contaminants from gas streams and piping components with spray injection

Stationary and rotational tank cleaning nozzles remove residue and ensure all interior surfaces of the tank are clean.
tank cleaningRotating and stationary spray technology for cleaning tanks, equipment, tanker trucks, and railcars
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