On-demand 3D CAD solid models configuration for select nozzle series. Accelerate your design time and improve engineering accuracy. Choose from over 100 CAD formats and versions to download a 3D spray nozzle and virtually test it within your design. Available series include Air Atomizing Nozzles (XA), Fan Nozzles (NF), Fire Protection Nozzles (N), Full Cone Nozzles (MP, MPL, NC, TC, TF, WL), Spray Dry Nozzles (TD, TDL), and Tank Cleaning Nozzles (HWO, HWP, TW) – with more 3D nozzles coming soon! View Full Size
Whether you are looking to incorporate fire suppression nozzles, gas quenching nozzles, clean-in-place tank washing nozzles, or one of our other high-performance nozzles, we’ve got you covered. Useful for any industry needing quality nozzle design – environmental, energy, chemical, mining, and more.