BETE spray nozzles and spray lances have played an integral part in gas conditioning and pollution control for many years in the Cement industry. We understand that gas cooling is key for optimizing plant productivity, and selecting the right spray nozzle or spray lance is critical for your process. BETE nozzles and spray lances are manufactured in the USA and Europe for quick delivery.

BETE Spillback, twin-fluid nozzles, and spray lances can maximize efficiency and optimize spray performance with minimal maintenance and downtime for precise gas cooling and conditioning. Our nozzles are designed to produce very fine droplets with minimal variation in drop size. BETE nozzles and spray lances are constructed from high-quality, durable materials that are extremely reliable.

Our engineers can start by reviewing your existing spray system and suggest the right spray nozzle, spray lance, and other components for improving overall performance and productivity.

Common Applications

Contact our spray experts to find the best nozzle for your application.