A man dressed in fire proof suit taking a nozzle out of a furnace.

Open-type water spray protection systems are typically designed per NFPA 15 or similar design standards and are acceptable for protecting against hazards involving; flammable or combustible materials, electrical hazards, propellants, pyrotechnics, and similar life/safety situations. BETE spray nozzles are used for cooling, evaporation, and wetting in water deluge systems.

Open-type deluge nozzles and systems typically maintain dry supply piping. With the use of heat, smoke, or flame detection equipment, a deluge valve opens and supplies water and pressure to the nozzle for operation. These differ from automatic systems in which automatic nozzles use a heat-sensitive element to maintain a closed orifice and retain the water/pressure of the supply piping system until activated.


Common Uses And Industries

They are commonly used in tank farms and on any vessel where catastrophic failure from overheating.
Directly extinguishing flames in emergency settings
Controlling flames near gas leaks
Protect equipment, storage tanks, hazardous loading areas, and equipment bays
Protect fuel and flammable liquid storage tanks
Combustible material storage areas
Detail of Deluge Fire Protection Nozzles BETE Spray Technology

Selecting An Open-Type Deluge Nozzle

Important factors to consider:

Size & shape of the target area, equipment, or enclosure

Applicable design specifications and requirements

  • Required flow rates/coverage densities

Available nozzle mounting locations

Available pressure drop (∆P) across the nozzle

  • ∆P = supply pressure at nozzle inlet – process pressure outside nozzle

As a nozzle manufacturer, BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for the design of life/safety systems

Recommended Nozzles

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