Leverage BETE's comprehensive range of services, including Applications Engineering assistance and Advanced Spray Engineering Services, to help you select the right products and improve your process.
BETE Is Your Dedicated Partner at Every Phase

Here at BETE, the success of our business is rooted in understanding our customers' business to provide effective engineered solutions for their fluid process challenges. With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing nozzles and spraying systems, BETE is a trusted provider of spray technology. We listen to and partner with our customers to ensure the optimal solution for their spraying challenge.

BETE uses decades of experience with spray Design and Applications Engineering combined with our CNC Machine Shop, Foundry, and Spray Lab to design, manufacture, and test our spray technology. Our team provides guidance and technical expertise in the selection of products and the development of custom solutions. We offer Advanced Spray Engineering Services to solve more challenging and critical problems, including the ability to do CFD studies and physical testing. By combining our comprehensive in-house resources with our customers' knowledge, BETE can quickly and effectively solve complex spray applications.

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Baked roll of filo dough, with a filling, on a wooden board

FlexFlow™ System Reduces Material Waste with Precision Coating for Frozen Pastry Manufacturer

Filo dough moving along an assembly line is filled with various ingredients, hand-rolled, and packaged. Before rolling the dough, palm oil is hand-brushed by two linemen to act as the “glue” that holds the pastry together. The manual application creates inconsistencies in the product, variation in nutritional content, excessive use of oil, and uneven coverage – adding to the overall cost of production.
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Detail of an electric melting furnace.

SpiralAir® Nozzle Significantly Reduces Air Consumption Usage in Flue Gas Cooling

Cooling of exhaust gases from the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is critical to controlling temperatures of the gas in the ductwork as it enters the baghouse to prevent a fire. Air atomizing nozzles are ideal for cooling the gases because they produce very fine droplets, but air consumption can be high and costly if the proper nozzle is not selected.
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Detail of industrial chemical plant.

Avoiding Costly Damage and Repair of Refinery Equipment With Spray Injectors

Quills are not always the best method for injecting chemical inhibitors where spray distribution is critical. For these applications, fabricated spray injectors with a nozzle produce more accurate results for spray injection.
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