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Optimize your spray process and save resources with BETE spray technology systems.
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Baked roll of filo dough, with a filling, on a wooden board

Frozen Pastries Manufacturer Solution

Filo dough moving along an assembly line is filled with various ingredients, hand-rolled, and packaged. Before rolling the dough, palm oil is hand-brushed by two linemen to act as the “glue” that holds the pastry together. The manual application creates inconsistencies in the product, variation in nutritional content, excessive use of oil, and uneven coverage – adding to the overall cost of production.
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Aerial view of oil and gas chemical tanks with petrochemical processing plant background at twilight.

Saving Millions in lost Revenue – Petrochemical Processing

For over 70 years, BETE’s talented employees have gone above and beyond to address our customers’ needs. Our experience working in dozens of industries and enhancing thousands of applications translates to expert engineering you can count on when it matters most.
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Detail of industrial chemical plant.

Spray Lance Injection for Chemical Processing

Quills are not always the best method for injecting chemical inhibitors where spray distribution is critical. For these applications, fabricated spray injectors with a nozzle produce more accurate results for spray injection.
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Our spray technology innovations improve sustainable operations in a broad range of industries – including Food & Beverage Processing, Chemical Processing, Energy, and Pollution Control. We listen to and partner with our customers to ensure the optimal solution for their spraying challenge.
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