A man dressed in fire proof suit taking a nozzle out of a furnace.

Proper lubrication can help save time, energy, and money by reducing friction, improving performance, and increasing the service life of machines and tooling used in a wide variety of industries. Many pieces of high-end equipment require very specific lubrication to critical components and parts to ensure proper operation.

Spray nozzles can accurately apply a wide variety of lubricants in the precise amounts/coverage densities necessary in these critical applications. BETE has years of experience in selecting nozzles to apply lubricants of all densities and viscosities with the throw and coverage necessary to cover critical machinery parts, tooling, and products during manufacturing processes.

Common Uses And Industries

Gear lubrication, roller lubrication for metal forming
CNC or machining fabrication, die forming/stamping
Prevent binding or galling
Conveyor lubrication
Detail of BETE FlexFlow™ Precision Spray Control System with Electric HydroPulse® Automatic Spray Nozzles Pan Coating

Selecting A Nozzle for Lubrication

Important factors to consider:

Required coverage

Spray media density and viscosity

Ease of maintenance/replacement

Available nozzle mounting locations and required nozzle throw

Available/required flow rate and coverage densities

Available pressure drop (∆P) across the nozzle

  • ∆P = supply pressure at nozzle inlet – process pressure outside nozzle

Recommended Nozzles

Contact our spray experts to find the perfect nozzle for your application.