For over 70 years, BETE has produced a variety of hydraulic and air atomizing nozzles to fit your spray drying requirements.  Original designs like the Twist & Dry spray dry nozzle with a patented locking mechanism were developed by BETE to simplify maintenance.  Companies trust BETE nozzles for consistent performance and quality allowing for high-quality products through constant particle sizes with even moisture content.

The function of a spray nozzle in a spray dry system is to control the feedstock flow rate and uniformly distribute atomized droplets/particles into the heated drying chamber. Spray dry nozzles typically operate at higher pressures or utilize air atomizing techniques to produce droplets in the 30 – 120 micron range. Surface area is maximized to the volume of the particles, allowing them to dry much quicker than other drying methods. In many dryers, evaporation is 95% complete within seconds.

Our spray dry nozzles are made from high strength, wear-resistant, and high-temperature material options to allow for long service life and safe operation within the high pressure, high temperature, and abrasive applications found in the spray drying industry. Replacement orifice discs and swirls are readily available.


Spray Dry Technology Developed For Easy Maintenance & Durability

Twist & Dry (TD) is an engineered solution developed by BETE to make spray dry nozzle maintenance easier. If you operate and maintain a spray dryer, you know how challenging it can be to replace nozzle wear parts.

BETE's unique patented locking system securely locks the swirl and orifice into the carrier during assembly and change-out. Easier installation eliminates the difficulties of replacing worn nozzle parts while on the lance inside the dryer. BETE's TD is industry-proven for consistent performance and high-strength wear resistance.


Benefits of BETE spray dry nozzle technology

Design Flexibility
  • Over 1,000 interchangeable swirl and orifice discs to fit your specific flow rate and spray angle requirements
  • Interchangeable with other nozzle brands
  • Patented locking lug feature securely locks swirl and orifice in place
  • One-piece swirl unit design
  • Clog-resistant
Durability & Wearability
  • 218 SS body, anti-galling
  • Premium grade tungsten carbide disc available for superior wear life
  • FDA-Compliant materials for food processing
High Performance
  • Rated at pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • High temperature rated for 7000 psi at 800F
  • Consistent particle sizes with even moisture content
Easy Maintenance & Repair
  • Hand Tightens - requires no special tools for assembly
  • Fewer replacement components than other nozzle brands
Quick Delivery
  • Replacement swirls and disc are readily available

Avoid Scorched Particle Contamination & Post Shut Dripping

Twist & Dry Drip-Pro Check Valve improves flow, reduces pressure loss and blockage, and prevents scorched particle contamination. The Drip-Pro Check Valve is compatible with the Twist & Dry TD/TD-K carriers.

The check flow works automatically without external control or intervention. The check valve allows fluid to flow in only one direction. It will open at a minimum pressure preventing inconsistent start-up flow, and close upon shut down to further prevent undesirable drips.


Common Uses And Industries

Powdered cream/milk, cheese, baby formula

Whey and protein

Instant coffee

Plant proteins, vitamins



Pet foods

Detergents, soaps, dyes


Cellulose, metal, and ceramic powders