A man dressed in fire proof suit taking a nozzle out of a furnace.

For over 70 years, BETE has produced a variety of hydraulic and air atomizing nozzles to fit your spray drying requirements.  Original designs like the Twist & Dry spray dry nozzle with a patented locking mechanism were developed by BETE to simplify maintenance.  Companies trust BETE nozzles for consistent performance and quality allowing for high-quality products through constant particle sizes with even moisture content.

The function of a spray nozzle in a spray dry system is to control the feedstock flow rate and uniformly distribute atomized droplets/particles into the heated drying chamber. Spray dry nozzles typically operate at higher pressures or utilize air atomizing techniques to produce droplets in the 30 – 120 micron range. Surface area is maximized to the volume of the particles, allowing them to dry much quicker than other drying methods. In many dryers, evaporation is 95% complete within seconds.

Our spray dry nozzles are made from high strength, wear-resistant, and high-temperature material options to allow for long service life and safe operation within the high pressure, high temperature, and abrasive applications found in the spray drying industry. Replacement orifice discs and swirls are readily available.

Common Uses And Industries

Powdered cream/milk, cheese, baby formula, whey, protein, and instant coffee
Plant proteins, vitamins, pet foods
Detergents, soaps, dyes
Polycarbonate/polyvinyl, cellulose, metal, and ceramic powders

Selecting A Spray Drying Nozzle

Important factors to consider:

Spray media density, viscosity, solids content, and particulate size

Dryer size, velocity, pressure, temperature, and humidity

Required materials of construction for corrosive environments

Spray media density and viscosity

Required spray media flow rate

Available pressure drop (∆P) across the nozzle

    • ∆P = supply pressure at nozzle inlet – process pressure outside nozzle

Recommended Nozzles

Contact our spray experts to find the perfect nozzle for your application.