Exair Compressed Air Products

EXAIR, founded in 1983, manufactures compressed air-operated products to solve problems in industrial plants. These products are expertly engineered to reduce air consumption and increase safety, exceeding OSHA and CE standards while also complying with RoHS and REACH where applicable.

EXAIR products include: Air Knives, Cabinet Cooler Systems, engineered Air Nozzles & Jets, Industrial Vacuums, Vortex Tubes & Spot Coolers, Air Amplifiers, pneumatic conveyors, vacuum generators, and ionizing products for static elimination.

Air Amplifiers

EXAIR Air Amplifiers use a small amount of compressed air to pull in large volumes of surrounding air. They are an economical and durable solution for moving air and light materials, venting smoke and fumes, distributing heat, cooling products, or ventilating small areas.
Air Guns

For blowoff and cleaning, EXAIR Safety Air Guns meet or exceed OSHA standards for low noise and prevention of harmful dead-end pressures. They are optimized for use with EXAIR's engineered Air Nozzles. Durable and comfortable to use for extended periods of time.
Air Knives

EXAIR's Air Knives efficiently use compressed air to provide quiet, uniform, laminar airflow for cleaning, drying, or cooling parts, webs, or conveyors. Lengths up to 108" and four material options are available in stock. Size and material choice can also be custom ordered.
Air Nozzles & Jets

Engineered Air Nozzles and Jets reduce noise levels and air costs while providing efficient blowoff for cooling and drying operations, part cleaning, chip removal, liquid blowoff, part ejection, and more. Meet OSHA requirements for noise and prevention of dead-ending.
Air Operated Conveyors

EXAIR's compressed air-operated Line Vacs connect with ordinary tube or pipe to create powerful in-line conveyors that are ideal for moving large volumes of material over long distances with minimal compressed air, no moving parts, and no need for electricity.
Air Wipes

EXAIR Air Wipes provide 360° degree laminar blowoff, ideal for blowoff applications and cooling or drying pipes, tubing, cables, and extruded shapes. Compliant with all OSHA noise and pressure standards, there is no contact with the product and no wiper blade.
Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

EXAIR Atomizing Spray Nozzles, available in various spray patterns, atomize fluids by combining liquid and air to create a fine mist. Ideal for washing, coating, cooling, and dust control. Durable stainless steel construction and an optional patented "No Drip" feature to conserve liquids.
Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzles

Liquid atomizing spray nozzles are good general-purpose nozzles for industrial applications. Commonly used with inexpensive liquids like water, rinse aids, or detergents while also very effective with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. The vaneless design resists clogging from particulates in liquid.
Cabinet Cooler Systems

Protect sensitive electronic control panels from overheating or failure with EXAIR's durable Cabinet Cooler® Systems. Easily installed through an electrical knockout in electronic cabinets and enclosures, they provide clean, cold air to protect against dirt, heat, and moisture. Available for NEMA 12, 4, and 4X enclosures.
Cabinet Cooler Systems – ATEX

Protect your facility's electronics against heat-related shut-downs In ATEX zones. EXAIR ATEX Cabinet Cooler® Systems protect sensitive electronics in purged enclosures from high temperatures and moisture—with ATEX approval for zones 2 and 22 explosive environments.
Cabinet Cooler Systems – Hazardous Location

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler® Systems for hazardous locations are UL Classified and maintain NEMA 4 or NEMA 4x integrity. Protect sensitive electronic control panels against heat, dirt, and moisture. Continuous operation or thermostat-controlled models available.
Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems

Eliminate the costs and health risks associated with mist systems and cutting fluids with EXAIR Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems. Combat heat buildup in dry machining applications and protecting expensive tools. Ideal for milling, drilling, surface grinding, tool sharpening, and more.
Industrial Housekeeping

With no moving parts or electricity usage, lower noise levels, and no electrical hazard around liquids, EXAIR's pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners provide powerful cleanup solutions for wet, dry, dusty, abrasive, light, or heavy-duty jobs.

EXAIR's line of Compressed Air Optimization products provide insightful data and control options to make your process more efficient and effective. Easily install and leverage the tools you need to measure, monitor, and adjust your facility's compressed air usage.
Static Eliminators

Prevent dust clinging, material jamming or tearing, sheet feeding issues, and hazardous shocks with EXAIR industrial Static Eliminators. These innovative solutions combine engineered airflow products with ionizers to quickly eliminate static charges from long distances.
Vacuum Generators

Prioritize safety and minimize maintenance with EXAIR E-Vac® Vacuum Generators. These effective suction tools provide instantaneous response for reliable pick and place operations in your facility. Available in a variety of flows and sizes to meet unique production needs.

Vortex Tubes & Spot Cooling Products

EXAIR Vortex Tubes and Spot Coolers provide adjustable compressed air cooling solutions to protect industrial tools and quickly cool soldered parts, heat seals, machined plastics, hot melt adhesives, and more.

EXAIR Accessories give you flexibility to optimize your EXAIR products for each industrial application. Prioritize efficiency and safety with mufflers, filters, regulators, fittings, valves, hoses, and more.
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