Spray Nozzles for
the Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries

A 3D illustration of refinery columnsand other processing structures related to critical applications in the petrochemical processing industry. The diagram includes letters on elements of the illustration that correspond to applications that use spray nozzles and spray lances in their process, which are detailed in the image description

BETE is a trusted international spray technology supplier for many corporations in the petroleum & petrochemical industries.

BETE’s extensive catalog of standard nozzles meets the requirements of many applications, while custom development is available for specific customer needs. Our spray nozzle technology offers first-in-class in reliability & durability for the harsh environments found in refineries.

We offer a wide range of nozzles in durable materials ideal for crude oil, abrasive media, corrosive reagents, extreme temperatures, or all of the above. That’s why top oil & gas companies rely on BETE to supply them with mission-critical spray nozzles, injectors, lances, and spraying systems.

Common Applications