Case Studies

Chemical industry on sunset and Twilight sky, Power plant, Energy 0power station area.

Enhance Performance Reliability and Efficiency with Automated Spray Systems for Gas Cooling

A demineralized water injection system is needed to quench calciner furnace exhaust gas upstream of dust collection equipment...
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A stack of sesame seed flat bread crackers on a wooden table.

Flexflow™ System Ensures Precise Application of Ingredients for Cracker Manufacturer

Nozzles spray specialty gourmet flatbreads moving along a conveyor with a cornstarch solution that sticks sesame seeds to...
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Baked roll of filo dough, with a filling, on a wooden board

FlexFlow™ System Reduces Material Waste with Precision Coating for Frozen Pastry Manufacturer

Filo dough moving along an assembly line is filled with various ingredients, hand-rolled, and packaged. Before rolling the...
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Detail of industrial water tank for firefighting water storage

High Impact Cleaning Performance Eliminates Need for Manual Power Washing in Large Storage Tanks

Tank cleaning applications have different requirements, including a variety of tank sizes and soils to remove. Manual cleaning...
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Detail of Workers in blue protective suits at a chemical processing plant.

HydroClaw® Delivers Dependable Cleaning Results in Harsh Chemical Processing Environment

Adhesives and other harsh chemicals can be difficult to remove from tanks and may cause clogging in spray...
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Detail of inside mash tun while making of whisky

HydroClaw® Eliminates Clogging Issues in Lauter Tun Reducing Brewery Maintenance

In the lautering process, spent grains and husks often find their way into the cleaning process’s recirculated water....
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Detail of a layer of tomatoes. They are bright red on a white background.

HydroClaw® Improves Tank Cleaning Efficiency and Resolves Maintenance Issues for Tomato Processor

Seeds, skins, pulp, stems, and grains in a recirculated water system can cause blockage in many tank washing...
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Detail of Chemical processing plant against a blue sky

HydroWhirl® Poseidon® Prevents Maintenance and Clogging Issues for Chemical Processing Plant

Cleaning tanks that contain corrosive materials can be problematic. The corrosion-resistant materials used to make the vessels are...
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Detail of fermentation tank within Napa Valley Winery

Predominant Winery Saved From Nozzle Clogging Issues and Wasteful Maintenance and Downtime

Even with a preliminary rinse before the cleaning process, leftover grape debris in the fermentation tanks such as...
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Detail of industrial chemical plant.

Preventing Costly Damage and Repair of Refinery Equipment With Spray Injectors

Quills are not always the best method for injecting chemical inhibitors where spray distribution is critical. For these...
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Aerial view of oil and gas chemical tanks with petrochemical processing plant background at twilight.

Refinery Shut-Down Prevented, Avoiding Millions Of Dollars In Lost Revenue

For over 70 years, BETE’s talented employees have gone above and beyond to address our customers’ needs. Our...
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Detail of an electric melting furnace.

SpiralAir® Nozzle Significantly Reduces Air Consumption Usage in Flue Gas Cooling

Cooling of exhaust gases from the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is critical to controlling temperatures of the gas...
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Detail of a Potato Chip Manufacturing Plant.

Tank Cleaning Solution Eliminates Manual Cleaning and Reduces Downtime for Snack Manufacturer

With very sticky residues, all sizes of tanks benefit from robust jet cleaning systems. However, the cycle time...
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Soup in a large metal container being cooked.

Tank Cleaning Solution Saves $144K In Maintenance Repairs for Food Processor

Soups and sauces cooked in kettles reach high temperatures, leaving residue caked onto the surface walls. The kettles...
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