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Refinery Shut-Down Prevented, Avoiding Millions Of Dollars In Lost Revenue

Petrochemical & Refining Industry


For over 70 years, BETE’s talented employees have gone above and beyond to address our customers’ needs. Our experience working in dozens of industries and enhancing thousands of applications translates to expert engineering you can count on when it matters most.

Worn Spray Nozzle Injectors Risk Shut-Down

A prominent overseas refinery contacted BETE when their plant was at risk of being shut down. Prolonged exposure to harsh FCC “cat cracking” processes had caused severe erosion of their injector spray lances. Because of this, the spray was impinging upon the riser wall and eroding the refractory, eventually resulting in more damaged equipment.

Replacing the worn spray nozzle injectors was critical to avoid risking millions of dollars in lost revenue due to a plant shut-down. The refinery needed to install new spray assemblies within two days to prevent the plant from shutting down – and immediately contacted BETE for help.

Preventing A Refinery Shut-Down Avoids Millions Of Dollars In Lost Revenue

BETE employees quickly took action to meet the emergency delivery schedule. The standard lead time for producing these spray lance assemblies is typically weeks. Fortunately, inventory and materials were in stock. The required welding would take a day to complete. The scheduling team adjusted priorities to fabricate the spray lances with minimal impact on other jobs. In addition, the construction of a shipping crate for the lance assemblies and arrangements for overseas shipping was critical to the order.

BETE’s talented team efficiently coordinated everything within 24 hours to meet the deadline. Our experience in responding to critical situations shows we are willing to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

BETE MaxiPass Torch Oil Injector Spray Lance
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