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Tank Cleaning Nozzles Save Food Processor $144K Annually in Reduced Maintenance

Food & Beverage Industry


Soups and sauces cooked in kettles reach high temperatures, leaving residue caked onto the surface walls. The kettles must be cleaned and sanitized between batches to prevent cross-contamination. For these crucial applications, the right tank cleaning nozzle will optimize cleaning and reduce downtime.

Problem: Prolonged Downtime and Costly Repairs

A popular premium soups and sauces producer contacted BETE to improve their kettle cleaning process, hoping to minimize maintenance and downtime. The facility has 12 kettles where intense production and cleaning occur 17 times daily for each kettle. The kettles cook for one hour, and cleaning takes forty minutes using two controlled rotational tank cleaning machines.

The tank cleaning machines require rebuilding every three months with new spare parts and gearboxes costing $1,500 per unit. It was evident to the customer a new tank cleaning solution could reduce repair costs and increase productivity.

Soup in a large metal container being cooked.

HydroWhirl® Orbitor Rotary Jet Tank Cleaning Nozzles

During an initial visit and inspection of the customer’s process and spray device, BETE proposes the HydroWhirl Orbitor tank cleaning machine for its powerful high-impact jet streams and ease of repair. The controlled rotation of the nozzles provides a longer dwell time on the surface for removing difficult soils in cooking kettles.

HWO tank cleaning nozzles are designed with minimal moving parts to ensure extended operating life and reduced downtime. Repairs for these units are easily done on-site in minutes. Unlike the competitor’s model, the hygienic design has no external screws or rough surface areas that require manual cleaning to prevent bacteria growth.

BETE Hydrowhirl spray nozzle
Factory Food Manufacturing - Bulk Sauce Cooking


  • BETE’s tank cleaning solution saved the customer
    $144,000 annually in costly repairs
  • Massive reduction in maintenance time from
    every fiscal quarter to every third fiscal quarter
  • Increased productivity time
  • Lower water consumption


  • High Impact solid jet streams easily remove
    difficult soils
  • Complete 360° spray coverage for reliable
    cleaning performance
  • Designed with minimal moving parts for
    extended operating life
  • Easily repairable in minutes


Before BETE’s visit, the original twenty-four tank cleaning machines’ quarterly repairs cost $36,000. When the HydroWhirl Orbitors replaced them, they operated for nine months between maintenance.

With a less frequent and more efficient repair schedule, the customer experienced minimal downtime with no manual cleaning or tedious screw removal.

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