Pneumatic Nozzles for Precise Intermittent Spraying


Highly atomized spray at low flow rates

Eight different types of sprays with interchangeable nozzle air and fluid caps

Internal and external mix set-ups

Compatible with XAAD, XAEF (pictured), XAER, XAFF, XAPF, XAPR, XASF, XASR, and XAXW spray set-ups

Why Choose Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles

If you are working with low pressure and desire a smaller drop size than can be achieved with a single-fluid hydraulic nozzle, a two-fluid air atomizing nozzle is a perfect choice.

When a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomized and cannot be sprayed with a hydraulic single-fluid nozzle, a two-fluid air atomizing design is often the best option.

Product Specifications

Inlet connection
¼” NPT or BSPP, Liquid and air
Liquid flow rate
72 GPH / 272.5 LPH Max
Rated liquid pressure
60 PSI / 2.8 bar
Operating temperature range
-15° F to 400° F / -26° C to 204° C
Air cylinder pressure
30 PSI to 250 PSI / 2 bar to 17.2 bar
Max cycle frequency
3 cycles / sec
Nickel-plated brass or stainless steel wetted components, Blue-Gard® gasket, Viton® (FKM) seals