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Internal & External Low Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles


Highly atomized spray at low flow rates

Eight different types of sprays with interchangeable nozzle air and fluid caps

Internal and external mix set-ups

Compatible with XAAD, XAEF (pictured), XAER, XAFF, XAPF, XAPR, XASF, XASR, and XAXW spray set-ups

Why Choose Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles

If you are working with low pressure and desire a smaller drop size than can be achieved with a single-fluid hydraulic nozzle, a two-fluid air atomizing nozzle is a perfect choice.

When a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomized and cannot be sprayed with a hydraulic single-fluid nozzle, a two-fluid air atomizing design is often the best option.

Product Specifications

Inlet connection
¼” NPT or BSPP, Liquid and air
Liquid flow rate
72 GPH / 272.5 LPH Max
Rated liquid pressure
60 PSI / 2.8 bar
Operating temperature range
-15° F to 400° F / -26° C to 204° C
Air cylinder pressure
30 PSI to 250 PSI / 2 bar to 17.2 bar
Max cycle frequency
3 cycles / sec
Nickel-plated brass or stainless steel wetted components, Blue-Gard® gasket, Viton® (FKM) seals
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