Pneumatically Actuated Intermittent Spray Nozzles


The precise intermittent spray uses liquid pressure as the force for atomization

Improves product quality with uniform, repeatable coverage and drip-free performance

Interchangeable flat fan, full cone, or hollow cone nozzle tips provide a wide range of spray patterns and volumes to match requirements

Pneumatically actuated for precise on/off spray directly on the target

Minimal overspray reduces waste and maintains a clean, safe environment

Straight through porting for fluid recirculation

Hygienic connections and mounting brackets are available options

Detail of BETE HydroPulse PHP Dimension Drawing

Product Specifications

Liquid inlet connection
¼” NPT or BSPP, liquid; ⅛” NPT or BSPP, cylinder air; or DN10 tri-clamp
Maximum liquid flow rate
12.6 GPM / 57.7 LPM
Maximum rated pressure
600 PSI / 42 bar
Thermal insulation class
-15° F to 400° F / -26° C to 204° C
Air cylinder pressure
30 PSI to 250 PSI / 2 bar to 17 bar
Air cylinder operation
Single acting (spring return) or double acting
Maximum cycle frequency
3 cycles / sec
Nozzle construction
Stainless steel wetted components, Viton® (FKM) seals

Interchangeable Nozzle Tip Options