Spray Laboratory testing

Discover how our laboratory testing and analysis of common spray characteristics can pinpoint issues in your process or determine the ideal nozzle for your specific needs.
a man stands in front of computer monitors while testing a spray nozzle

Discover Our Services For Nozzle Design, Analysis, & Testing

BETE’s spray laboratory engineers research and analyze sprays and their behaviors in a process. We measure common spray characteristics, including flow rate and pressure, liquid distribution, droplet size, and droplet velocity. We can also build physical models of your process to help diagnose problems or select the best nozzle.

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  • 50' X 30' X 22' high (15 m X 9 m X 6.5 m high)
  • Water recirculates from a 4,500-gallon (17 m^3) reservoir.
  • Waterproof concrete, metal walls, and waterproof light fixtures allow us to test large experiments, like far-reaching tank cleaning nozzles.
  • Nozzles and fixtures are on a remote-controlled hydraulic boom for height adjustment.
  • An XY traverser carries other specialized instrumentation, such as the Patternator.
  • Can also be used to set up special piping or models such as the one shown here.
Detail of Physical Model.

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