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Sometimes there is no substitute for physically testing a nozzle in a process. It could be that the physics is too complicated to model or the desired result, such as an aesthetic effect, may be difficult to measure, or it might be necessary to validate a computer model. In these cases, we can build a model of the system and test it in the laboratory.

Physical Model Testing

Model tests may include flow visualization in pipes, ducts, and tanks and applications-based testing to measure the effect of a spray in a system. These include impact, coating uniformity, reach, wind drift, and wall impingement. When running a model at actual process conditions isn’t practical, we use scaling parameters to relate model results to full-scale results. At times, a comparison of the laboratory model to a CFD model of the laboratory setup may be ideal for validating the CFD model of the full-scale system.

Examples of Physical Modeling Tests:

  • Study of erosion patterns in fluidized beds
  • Mixing of gas in a pipeline
  • Pattern distribution of fire protection nozzles with simulated wind
  • The spatial concentration of respirable droplets
  • Comparison of flow rates and spray patterns using oil and water
  • Effectiveness of tank cleaning nozzles
  • Seal leak tests to ASTM A515 using Helium
  • Solids buildup (“bearding”) on air-atomizing nozzles
  • Life cycle testing
  • Pressure vessel strain gauge testing
  • Hydrostatic testing

BETE can design, fabricate, instrument, and operate even large test setups such as the one illustrated here. If you need something evaluated, BETE can help you find a way to measure it.

Detail of Bearding Test.
BETE Advanced Spray Engineering Physical Model Lab Testing


BETE maintains a machine department dedicated to nozzle and manufacturing process development. Machining capabilities include multiple CNC and manual lathes and mills. Our rapid prototype machine has a 13.8” x 13.8” x 7.9” (350 X 350 X 200 mm) build volume and is capable of building intricate shapes in a variety of rigid and flexible plastics. BETE’s welding capabilities allow us to fabricate nearly any type of nozzle or assembly in virtually any material.

Detail of BETE 3D Printing Spiral Nozzle Design Engineering.

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