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Gas Cooling for Chemical Processing

Peter Zdziarski

Chemical industry on sunset and Twilight sky, Power plant, Energy 0power station area.

A demineralized water injection system is needed to quench calciner furnace exhaust gas upstream of dust
collection equipment at a chemical processing plant during the manufacture of specialty catalyst. Spray
nozzles need to produce small droplet sizes to achieve complete evaporation, which requires pumps for
high-pressure water supply, controls, and instrumentation to regulate and monitor the gas temperature.

Precision Coating for Food Processing

Peter Zdziarski

A stack of sesame seed flat bread crackers on a wooden table.

Nozzles spray specialty gourmet flatbreads moving along a conveyor with a cornstarch solution that sticks sesame seeds to the crackers. The out-of-date spray system often jams, requires maintenance, and causes inconsistencies on the product — adding to overall costs.