BETE HydroClaw® Innovative Spray Technology for Cleaning Tanks & Equipment

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The unique HydroClaw (HC) design has no moving parts and allows the passage of particles over 1/4”, three times the free passage of a comparable spray ball with greater spray impact. This stationary tank cleaning nozzle operates on low pressure/high flow for faster cleaning and reduced cycle times using less water and solvents.

Design Features

• Patent-approved, clog-resistant

• Self-cleaning, self-lubricating

• Made from 316L SS FDA-compliant material

• Laser welded for durability

• Ideal for passivating agents, such as nitric and citric acid used in fermentation tanks

• Clip-on nozzle includes low profile retaining pin for secure connection

• Low pressure and high flow rates reduce water consumption

Spray Angles: Complete 360° spray coverage

Flow Rates: 33 to 112GPM

Max. Temperature Rating: 200°F/93°C

Connection Type: ¾”, 1” Female NPT 1”, 1 ½” Clip-on 1”, 1 ½” Tube Weld-On

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