Tank Cleaning Mounting Adapter

Accessory for Effectively Cleaning Tanker Trucks & Railcars
Detail Rotary Jet Spray Pattern Icon


Positions the tank cleaning machine horizontally to optimize the spray pattern's direction to clean the bulkheads repeatedly with 360° spray coverage

Reduces cleaning cycle times by up to 50%

Mounts to HydroWhirl® Orbitor tank cleaning machine with 1 ½” NPT/BSP connection size

Complete 360° spray coverage

Easy to repair and maintain on-site

Designed to protect nozzle from damage upon insertion and removal

Eliminates the need for manual cleaning


Product Specifications

Weight 10.7 lbs (4.85 kg)
Material 316SS
Connection Type: 11/2" NPT Adapter Number 213468
Connection Type: 11/2" BSP Adapter Number 213469
* For flow rate information refer to HydroWhirl® Orbitor datasheet

Tank Cleaning Adapter Mounted Inside Railcar