Hydrowhirl® Stinger

Powerful Tank & Equipment Cleaning Technology In A Compact Size

The innovative HydroWhirl® Stinger (HWS2) rotating tank cleaning nozzles eliminate conventional part joining, reducing failure modes, uneven surfaces, and performance limitations. Unlike other conventional designs, the bearing assembly is centered within the spray head for improved balance and spray propagation. A unique patent-pending “Clean Pipe Thread” technology reduces contamination and bacteria growth for food and beverage applications.

The compact size of the HWS2 is designed with industry-leading flow rates and fits through a 2” tri-clamp opening. Ceramic bearings provide a long wear life suitable for operating in any direction.

The superior spray performance of the HWS2 is perfect for cleaning totes, drums, bottles, small to medium-sized tanks, and food and beverage processing equipment.

Compact In Size, abundant In Features

Patent-pending no-weld design eliminates weak points and unhygienic surfaces
Bearing assembly design provides improved balance and spray propagation
Ceramic bearings for long wear life and extreme chemical resistance
Patent-pending “Clean pipe thread” technology reduces bacteria growth
Better spray uniformity can be maintained at lower pressures
Compact size fits through 2” Tri-Clamp
Low water consumption
Operates in any direction

HydroWhirl Stinger Datasheet

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