Tank Washer Solutions for Cleaning Tanker Trucks & Railcars

January 25, 2024

Why Use Tank Cleaning Nozzles

BETE tank cleaning nozzles maximize the efficiency of cleaning tanks and equipment by ensuring proper distribution of the cleaning media and maximizing impact from the available flow rate and pressure of the system. A rotating spray nozzle can save significant time and money over other cleaning options, such as “fill and drain” or manual cleaning, especially in hazardous environments.

Why Tank Cleaning Nozzle Placement Is Critical

Tank cleaning nozzles are typically mounted inside vertically shaped vessels, including blending tanks, mixing tanks, fermentation tanks, brew kettles, and chemical reactors. The rule of thumb is to position the nozzle in the upper third of the tank as shown in the illustration H/3. The concentration of the spray is directed at the center and cascades down to clean the surface areas inside the tank with effective spray impact and rinsing action.

Challenges and Solutions for Cleaning Horizontal Tanks

Horizontal tanks, such as tanker trucks and railcars, are more challenging to clean, especially if the nozzle is installed vertically. The spray is concentrated at the center of the tank and cannot effectively reach the bulkheads, causing a risk of bacteria buildup.  Manual cleaning of bulkheads is frequently necessary and poses a safety risk to workers.

BETE’s Tank Cleaning Mounting Adaptor positions the BETE HydroWhirl® Orbitor, our recommended tank cleaner for tanker trucks and railcars, in a horizontal orientation. This optimizes the spray pattern’s direction, cleaning the hard-to-reach bulkheads repeatedly with 360 degrees of high-impact spray coverage. 

Benefits from positioning the tank cleaner horizontally inside the tanker truck or railcar include:

  • Reducing cleaning cycle times by up to 50%
  • Consuming less water
  • Minimizing effluent discharge
  • Reduction in utility costs
  • Eliminating the need for manual cleaning, and improving worker safety

Learn More On How To Select The Right Tank Cleaning Nozzle For Your Application

Choosing the right tank cleaner for your vessel depends on the shape, size, and soil type being cleaned. BETE provides a comprehensive range of tank cleaning nozzles to tackle all your cleaning needs. For assistance selecting the best tank cleaning solution for your vessel, please get in touch with our Applications Engineering department.

View Our Video On How to Effectively Clean Tanker Trucks and Railcars

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