Precision Coating for Food Processing

Peter Zdziarski

A stack of sesame seed flat bread crackers on a wooden table.

Nozzles spray specialty gourmet flatbreads moving along a conveyor with a cornstarch solution that sticks sesame seeds to the crackers. The out-of-date spray system often jams, requires maintenance, and causes inconsistencies on the product — adding to overall costs.

Frozen Pastries Manufacturer Solution

Peter Zdziarski

Baked roll of filo dough, with a filling, on a wooden board

Filo dough moving along an assembly line is filled with various ingredients, hand-rolled, and packaged. Before
rolling the dough, palm oil is hand-brushed by two linemen to act as the “glue” that holds the pastry together. The
manual application creates inconsistencies in the product, variation in nutritional content, excessive use of oil,
and uneven coverage – adding to the overall cost of production.