HydroWhirl® Orbitor 100 (HWO100) Tank Cleaning Nozzles

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The HydroWhirl Orbitor 100 is a compact, powerful, versatile tank cleaning machine designed to meet the high standards required in the food, beverage, and chemical processing industries. Rotary jets use the spray media flowing through internal gears on the body to rotate sets of high-impact jet nozzles through an efficient two-axis orbital pattern, providing complete 360° coverage.

Design Features

• Self-cleaning, self-lubricating

• Ideal for small to medium-sized tanks with heavy soils

• Easily fits through 4” diameter opening or 3.35” diameter when nozzle head is vertically aligned

• Easy to maintain and repair on-site

• Designed with minimum moving parts to ensure extended operating life

• Solid jet streams provide high impact

• Four nozzle configuration

Spray Angles: Complete 360° spray coverage

Flow Rates: 12 to 52.4 GPM

Max. Temperature Rating: 200°F/93°C

Connection Type: ¾”, and 1” NPT Suggested Filtration: Line strainer with a mesh of 0.2mm/80 mesh

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