BETE Spillback Nozzle

High Turndown Ratio DESIGN FEATURES: • High turndown ratio • Minimal variation in dropsize • High reliability in extreme environments SPRAY CHARACTERISTICS: • Spray angles: 70-90 degrees • Spray patterns: Hollow cone • Flow rates: 0.24 to 110 gpm (0.9 to 410 L/min) A spillback nozzle is a type of whirl nozzle that is equipped with two connections instead of the single inlet on most traditional whirl nozzles. Fluid enters the swirl chamber in the fluid cap through angled holes in the swirl component that impart a tangential velocity to the fluid. As the fluid exits the fluid cap orifice, the tangential velocity creates a cone pattern and atomization of the fluid. Spillback nozzles achieve a 10:1 turndown ratio of the injection flow rate by diverting a portion of the flow rate through an internal return line, using a spillback valve in the return line to adjust the return flow rate. An increase in flow rate through the return line results in a decrease in injection flow rate through the orifice. A constant supply pressure maintains liquid velocity through the internal swirl disk component, providing relatively constant atomization throughout the flow range. NOTE: As the injection flow to the process decreases, the required pump supply flow to the inlet increases.