BETE HydroClaw® vs. Typical Sprayball Tank Cleaning Nozzle

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Seeds, skins, pulp, stems, and grains in a recirculated water system can cause blockage in many tank-washing nozzle designs, inhibiting their ability to work correctly. Cleaning tanks and maintaining a sanitary environment are essential to success in the food processing and beverage industries. The BETE HydroClaw® was explicitly designed to offer a tank washing innovation for breweries and wineries – allowing grains, grape seeds, and skins to pass through the nozzle. This video demonstrates the advantages of The BETE HydroClaw® Spray Nozzle, which lets particulates and sediment flow through without clogging. Many tanks include low-cost spray balls, but compared to HydroClaw, spray balls are prone to clog up. This demonstration shows how the unique and innovative engineering of the BETE HydroClaw addresses this problem. Clog resistance and low maintenance equal reduced downtime and more economical water usage for numerous industrial tank washing applications. The 316L stainless steel construction is perfect for clean-in-place (CIP), food-grade applications, and other industrial applications where an effective wash-down is needed.

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