BETE HydroClaw Tank Cleaning Nozzle in 4-foot Tank

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HydroClaw clog-resistant stationary spray nozzle for quick, efficient tank cleaning

Who needs the HydroClaw?

  • Wineries: spray balls get clogged with stems, skins, and seeds
  • Breweries: spray balls get clogged with grains and hops
  • Design Features of the HydroClaw Tank Washing Nozzles
  • Unique, patent-pending, clog-resistant design with no moving parts
  • Allows passage of particles over 1/4” (7 mm) in diameter, three times the free passage of a comparable spray ball
  • Made from FDA-compliant 316L stainless steel for use in food-grade and sanitary Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications
  • Low pressure/high flow operation quickly cleans tank walls to reduce overall water consumption compared to a static spray ball
  • Self-draining and self-flushing
  • Laser-welded for durability

Available connections: 1” female NPT or G threads, 1 1/2” or DN40 tube clip-on, 1” pipe clip-on

  • Clip-on nozzles include low-profile retaining pin for secure connection
  • Fits through 3” (76 mm) diameter opening
  • Optimal cleaning performance achieved at 30 psi (2 bar) Spray Characteristics of the HydroClaw Clog-resistant Tank Washing Nozzles

Vigorous rinsing action quickly flushes solids and contamination from vessels

Complete 360° omnidirectional coverage

Flow rates: 79 - 112 gpm (279 - 442 L/min) - Standard Materials: 316L Stainless Steel

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