Axial Whirl, Full Cone Spray Nozzle: BETE MaxiPass 1000M

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Axial whirl, full cone, medium angle, medium flow

20 psi - 110 gpm 1.4 bar - 416.4 L/min

A full cone spray pattern with even distribution in the spray area creates a spray of medium-sized droplets that decreases spray drift and carryover. This makes them a better choice when evenness of coverage is needed, such as distribution over a packed bed.

Design Features of the MaxiPass full cone nozzle:

  • Ultimate clog-resistant design with the largest free passage available in a full cone nozzle
  • Two unique S-shaped internal vanes allow free passage of particles
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easily handles dirty, lumpy liquids
  • Male and female connections
  • Flanged connection available

Spray Characteristics of the BETE MaxiPass full cone nozzle:

  • High-reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions

Spray Angles: 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120°.

Flow rates: 0.7 to 978 gpm (2.6 to 3540 L/min).

Flow rates up to 4500 gpm (17,000 L/min) are available; call our engineering support for details.

Other materials and custom designs are made possible by BETE's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Greenfield, MA. An on-site investment foundry and a full range of CNC machines allow a level of flexibility unmatched in the nozzle industry. BETE's mission goes beyond just selling spray nozzles: it is to provide engineered spraying solutions that exceed customer expectations in every detail. Extensive in-house capabilities, including CAD design and rapid prototyping, investment casting, welding, and spray testing, make it possible to offer the highest level of quality throughout every phase of production.