BETE Is Excited to Introduce the HydroClaw® – a Superior Clog-Resistant Alternative to Spray Balls


The New HydroClaw is a versatile Clean-In-Place (CIP) static tank-washing nozzle that combines unsurpassed clog-resistance and vigorous rinsing action for more efficient cleaning. Triple the free passage of spray balls. It is ideal for tanks up to 10 ft. in diameter often found in the food, beverage, chemical, and personal care industries where superior cleaning with reduced cycle times and low water, energy, and chemical consumption are important considerations.

The unique, patent-pending, clog-resistant design quickly cleans tanks and eliminates maintenance downtime associated with clogged spray balls.

The HydroClaw is made from FDA compliant 316L stainless steel; the self-cleaning and self-draining design is ideal for use in food-grade and sanitary Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications.

Made in the U.S.A.