What Industries Can Benefit From Using BETE Spray Nozzles?

January 17, 2023
Industrial plant petrochemical processing refinery at night - production and processing of crude oil.

There are multiple industries throughout the world that require spray nozzles for various types of applications. Spraying a fluid can vary from simple to more complex for some processes. Below, we’ll look at some of the most common industries that rely on BETE spray nozzle technology to achieve the results and quality that their specific applications demand.

Chemical & Petrochemical Processing Industries

BETE spray nozzles are well recognized throughout the chemical and petrochemical processing industry due to the durability and corrosion-resistant materials we offer for nozzles, lances, injectors, and spray systems.

Different chemicals and solutions can be extremely corrosive or abrasive. This facilitates the need for specialized materials to be used when fabricating an engineered spray solution.

Bete uses durable cobalt alloys or silicone alloys for applications exposed to harsh environments. For other applications involving extreme heat, nickel alloys may be used to withstand the demands of high-temperature environments.

Food And Beverage Industry

Virtually all aspects of the food and beverage industry require spray nozzles at some point in the production or processing chain.

BETE automatic spray nozzles can be used to apply precise amounts of flavorings or ingredients to various food products and antimicrobial agents to prevent the spread of bacteria. Bete tank cleaning nozzles can be used to help with cleaning and sanitizing processing equipment and tanks. Many companies choose to automate their cleaning process with rotational spray devices to ensure a clean tank.

Stainless steel BETE spray nozzles spray coating on croissants moving along on a white conveyor.

Building And Construction Materials

Many building materials require adhesives or finishes to be applied in a very precise and uniform way. Typically, this process is fully automated to ensure consistent application after repeated cycles.

BETE automatic spray nozzles and spray systems help achieve uniform and repeatable spray coverage for a perfect coating on multiple types of building materials.

Our nozzles are designed to reduce waste and minimize overspray and ensure production efficiency in a clean, safe environment.

Renewable Fuels

The fast-growing sector of renewable fuels is also dependent on spray nozzles manufactured by BETE.

Renewable fuels provide a sustainable alternative to traditional, non-renewable resources such as petroleum.

Nozzles provide effective spray solutions critical to producing renewable fuels including chemical injection, NOx removal, and gas scrubbing. In this way, BETE nozzles are helping to pave the way toward more sustainable operations in the future.

More Applications For BETE Spray Nozzles

We’ve just scratched the surface of some of the industries that benefit or even depend on BETE spray nozzles.

But there are countless others, and perhaps your industry is one of them. If you require a spray solution for your manufacturing process, contact BETE today to learn about our selection of spray nozzles and spray systems.

Whatever your industry requires, Bete can deliver the spray nozzle performance you need to get the job done with the precision and quality you demand.

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