Spray Drying Nozzles: BETE Twist & Dry 6-118

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Reduce dryer operating costs with the BETE Twist & Dry Spray Drying Nozzle! The Twist & Dry™ Nozzles for spray drying cheese, whey, and milk feature the innovative thick swirl unit. The robust design lasts longer, reducing dryer operating costs. The patented locking mechanism allows for quick and easy change-out and maintenance. Hollow cone spray pattern that creates finely atomized spray at high pressures. Ideal for powder production. Interchangeable swirls and orifice discs enable customization of spray angle and drop size. Durable, one-piece swirl unit locks into a carrier for easy installation.

Design Features:

  • Patented locking mechanism for quick and easy change-out and maintenance
  • Choose TD-K to operate at high pressures for greater yield capacity:
  • PEEK backup ring with Viton® 90 or Silicone O-rings (for higher temperatures)
  • Female-threaded or butt weld pipe connections
  • Easy assembly, no special tools required

Orifice size: 0.034" through 0.157" (0.864 mm through 3.99 mm)

Interchangeable swirl and orifice discs for variable patterns and flow rates

Flow rates: 8.94 to 1570 gpm (35.3 to 5970 L/h)

  • BETE has expanded the range of the Twist & Dry™ series with the new TD-K, capable of operating at up to 10,000 psi

Other materials and custom designs are made possible by BETE's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Greenfield, MA. An on-site investment foundry and a full range of CNC machines allow a level of flexibility unmatched in the nozzle industry. The BETE Difference BETE's mission goes beyond just selling spray nozzles: it is to provide engineered spraying solutions that exceed customer expectations in every detail. Extensive in-house capabilities, including CAD design and rapid prototyping, investment casting, welding, and spray testing, make it possible to offer the highest level of quality throughout every phase of production.

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