Axial Whirl, Full Cone Spray Nozzle: BETE MaxiPass 218M

Axial whirl, full cone, medium angle, low flow 20 psi - 6.2 gpm 1.4 bar - 23.5 L/min A full cone spray pattern, with even distribution in the spray area. Creates a spray of medium sized droplets that decreases spray drift and carryover. This makes them a better choice when evenness of coverage is a needed such as distribution over a packed bed. Design Features of the MaxiPass full cone nozzle * Ultimate clog-resistant design with largest free passage available in a full cone nozzle * Two unique S-shaped internal vanes allow free passage of particles * High energy efficiency * Easily handles dirty, lumpy liquids * Male and female connections * Flanged connection available Spray Characteristics of the BETE MaxiPass full cone nozzle * High reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions Spray Angles: 30°, 60°, 90° and 120° Flow rates: 0.7 to 978 gpm (2.6 to 3540 L/min). Flow rates up to 4500 gpm (17,000 L/min) available; call our Engineering Department for details) For more information, please visit: Other materials and custom designs are made possible by BETE's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Greenfield, MA. An on-site investment foundry and a full range of CNC machines allow a level of flexibility unmatched in the nozzle industry. The BETE Difference BETE's mission goes beyond just selling spray nozzles: it is to provide engineered spraying solutions that exceed customer expectations in every detail. Extensive in-house capabilities including CAD design and rapid prototyping, investment casting, welding, and spray testing, make it possible to offer the highest level of quality throughout every phase of production. The BETE Difference is our unparalleled ability to respond quickly and effectively to any kind of spraying challenge anywhere in the world with the most knowledgeable customer service in the industry.