New HydroWhirl® Orbitor


The new HydroWhirl® Orbitor is a versatile Clean-In-Place (CIP) rotating tank cleaning machine that combines high impact cleaning efficiency with extended operating life, reduced life cycle costs, and simple on-site service. It is ideal for large tanks (up to 130 ft. in diameter) often found in the food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where superior cleaning with reduced cycle times and low water, energy, and chemical consumption are important considerations.

Simplicity in design and operation offer a key advantage with the Orbitor. Unlike some competitive models, the Orbitor has a minimum number of moving parts and can be completely stripped and rebuilt for maintenance ON-SITE in less than 15 minutes. This optimum serviceability eliminates the time-consuming maintenance overhauls associated with other types of rotary machines that, in some cases, require a return to the factory for refurbishment (and therefore the purchase of a second unit for continuous cleaning operation). Operating life is maximized through fewer, carefully designed internal parts with greater wear resistance.

The HydroWhirl Orbitor is self-cleaning and media lubricated for trouble-free operation in even the most demanding hygienic applications. The materials of construction make it safe for use in hazardous areas.

As a result of its self-cleaning, self-lubricating characteristics the possibility of process contamination is eliminated, while its compact design enables fitting through small, restricted access flanges.

With 10 standard models, BETE can recommend a HydroWhirl Orbitor for a wide range of tank sizes to clean the toughest, caked-on contaminants found in a variety of industrial application. Depending on the intensity of the cleaning requirement, the Orbitor is available in a 2 or 4 nozzle configuration (including high-capacity models) and provides a choice of effective cleaning patterns, including 360° and 180° down and up wash patterns.

Typical applications include CIP duties for process vessels and storage silos in beverage industries; brite tanks, coppers, fermenters, and conditioners in the brewing industry; fluid storage, spray drier tanks, process vessels, and silos in the food industry; and cleaning coatings and paints from vessels and silos in the finishing, surface treatment industries.