Employee Spotlight

Developing new, innovative products and improving upon existing designs is a core value of BETE. Our talented and creative team of engineers is the leading force behind this mission. In this interview, we take a moment to recognize Cameron Landers, a key member of our manufacturing engineering department.

Cameron Landers

Continuous Improvement Engineering Supervisor

What is your current position at BETE? If your current position is different than when you started your BETE career, what other positions have you held?

I work with the Production Support team as the Continuous Improvement Engineering Supervisor. I began working at BETE in 2016 as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern, helping in various departments during my school breaks.

What do you enjoy most about working for BETE?

The variety of products and processes we have here at BETE is an engineer’s playground. I get the chance to work on new solutions for so many different industries. As a kid, I could sit there for hours watching industrial machinery run. Now I get to do that every day!

What did you most enjoy about developing the new HydroWhirl® Stinger (HWS2) tank cleaning nozzle?

With the resources we have at BETE, we could go from a sketch in a notebook to performance testing in a matter of a day or two. It was so much fun to be involved in a project like the HWS2, where you could be processing several design iterations at once and use the data you gather in real-time to keep sparking new ideas. With constant collaboration from Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing, what started out as a manufacturing process improvement by Mead Landis and me for the original HWS evolved into a new generation of the BETE HWS product line.

What is a fun fact that you would like to share about yourself?

My parents got the inspiration for my name from the Boston Bruins great, Cam Neely.

If you could be someone famous, who would you be, and why?

I would be Bill Belichick because after watching him operate for the last 20 years, it is impressive to see how he is always two steps ahead of every situation and is prepared for any outcome. His methods often don’t make sense beforehand, but he knows how to put everyone around him in the best possible position for success. That, and his ability to pull off wearing a cut-off hoodie.

What is your favorite movie or show?

The Office, because it’s always on TV, and no matter what episode you watch, you really cannot go wrong.

What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter

What is your favorite food?

Candy is one of the major food groups, and my favorite is Gummy Bears. I’m with Buddy The Elf.

Do you have a favorite hobby?