BETE Installs 585 Solar Panels

BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world’s leading industrial spray nozzle designers and manufacturers, has initiated their installation of solar panels to generate clean electricity and reduce their environmental impact. According to Matthew Bete, President of BETE Fog Nozzle, “This installation of 585 solar panels represents our commitment for a ‘greener’ solution by utilizing renewable energy which will result in a positive effect on our local community’s resources”. The panels are scheduled to go online in December 2012.

Northeast Solar Design Associates LLC from Hatfield, MA is currently installing a 146.25kW PV (Photo Voltaic) system on the sand bank behind the building. The 146.25kW will consist of 585 Astronergy 250 watt panels mounted on 65 Gemini ballasted ground mount system. (130 precast concrete bases with Aluminum racking to mount the panels) The entire system will fit into an area approximately 100 feet by 200 feet. The system will be monitored using Wattmetrics and kiosk will be mounted here at BETE and it will be monitored online 24 hours a day. The 146.25kW system will produce an estimated 173,200 kWhs of electricity annually. This represents about 15% of the energy used at BETE. In the event that they are not using the electricity generated from the system, net metering will take place. That means that BETE will be able to sell the electricity back to the electric company or take credits to be used in the future.