BETE FastPASS® for Disinfecting Buses


We are pleased to announce our newest innovation – the BETE FastPASS (Public Area Spray Systems) for disinfecting buses.

With public concern over student safety this coming school year, BETE began working on the FastPASS and new UltiFog air-atomizing nozzles for installation in school buses for TravelKuz, a local transportation company. With this innovative solution, a single employee can easily spray disinfectant throughout multiple bus cabins from one portable supply cart. This system saves time and resources over manual disinfecting processes while guaranteeing coverage throughout the bus cabin.

BETE developed the system’s innovative UltiFog Air Atomizing Nozzles to meet specific requirements outlined by both the customer and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles inspector, with ease of manufacturing in mind.

This system works well for buses with hard/smooth surfaces, like school buses and public transportation. While the first opportunity is specific to buses, this innovation could easily transfer to other spaces. Please reach out with any questions or inquiries.

You can read more about BETE’s collaborative innovation in the following news publications:

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