When to Buy Replacement Nozzles: The Costly Effects of Nozzle Wear

Did you know worn nozzles can increase waste and operating costs? Learn how to identify problems with your spray process and determine if it's time to replace your nozzles.
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Nozzle erosion and corrosion can have several effects on nozzle performance. Nozzle erosion is caused by abrasive wear from the spray media, while nozzle corrosion is caused by surrounding environmental factors that degrade the nozzle material and structure.

Common Issues Caused by Nozzle Wear

Reduced Performance

Worn nozzles can lead to a decrease in the spray performance. As the nozzle material wears away, the flow characteristics may change, resulting in altered spray patterns, increased flow rates, or uneven spray distribution. Erosion and corrosion can cause reduced efficiency and effectiveness of the nozzle.

Increased Flow Rate

In some cases, nozzle wear can cause an increase in the flow rate of fluids. As the nozzle’s internal geometry degrades, the fluid passes through more quickly, leading to higher flow rates. The result can lead to unintended consequences such as excessive usage of resources or equipment malfunction.

Worn Nozzles Lead to High Water Consumption & Increased Costs

In this example, we compare three different orifice sizes of a TF56XPN spiral nozzle to show the effects of nozzle wear. A spray header contains twenty TF56XPN nozzles; the total flow rate is 1824 GPM@20psi with a nominal 0.88” orifice size. If the orifice is worn by 10% due to erosion, the flow rate increases by 20%, and 2188 GPM is consumed. If the orifice is worn by 20%, the flow rate increases to 2736 GPM, which leads to 50% more water consumption. The example does not consider the increase in cost, scrap, and downtime due to quality problems.

Altered Spray Patterns

Nozzle wear causes changes in the spray pattern. As the nozzle orifice erodes or corrodes, the shape and size of the spray pattern may be affected. Eventually, the worn nozzle causes uneven spray coverage.

Increased Downtime & Maintenance

Nozzle wear often accelerates the need for maintenance. As the nozzle degrades, it may become less efficient, requiring more frequent cleaning. The result is increased downtime and operational costs for equipment or systems that rely on the nozzle's performance. We recommend buying replacement nozzles before they become completely ineffective.

Material Contamination

Worn nozzles may contaminate the fluid or gas being sprayed in certain applications. If the nozzle material degrades, it can mix with the sprayed substance, potentially leading to product quality issues, equipment fouling, or clogging of downstream components.
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