Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle: BETE HydroWhirl S40

Rotating, slotted spray, 360° coverage For more information on the BETE HydroWhirl S40 tank washing spray nozzle, please visit: 40 psi - 20.21 gpm 2.8 bar - 76.5 L/min Multiple narrow bands of spray on a spinning head of the water-driven HydroWhirl™ nozzles create a full, 360° coverage. HydroWhirl S slotted rotating spray nozzle for quick, efficient tank cleaning. The HydroWhirl S nozzle directs the cleaning water through a rotating head at the tip of the spray assembly. This produces a vigorous moving spray action against all areas of the walls of a tank. The spray pattern from the HydroWhirl S head uses impact and repetition to quickly wash the tank. This spray pattern is especially effective at breaking up and removing contaminants. Design Features: * Cleans more quickly, but uses less water and lower pressure than static tank washers * Lower flow and pressure mean smaller pump size resulting in lower operating costs * Surface finish ideal for sanitary applications * Orbital welded design - durable assembly * 316 Stainless Steel construction - corrosion resistant * Three connections - threaded, clip-on, and welded * Made from FDA-accepted materials for Clean-in-place (CIP) applications Spray Characteristics: * Self-cleaning bearings * Vigorous moving spray action * Complete 360° omnidirectional coverage For more information on the BETE HydroWhirl S40, please visit: The BETE Difference BETE's mission goes beyond just selling spray nozzles: it is to provide engineered spraying solutions that exceed customer expectations in every detail. Extensive in-house capabilities including CAD design and rapid prototyping, investment casting, welding, and spray testing, make it possible to offer the highest level of quality throughout every phase of production. The BETE Difference is our unparalleled ability to respond quickly and effectively to any kind of spraying challenge anywhere in the world with the most knowledgeable customer service in the industry.