Food-Grade Electrically Actuated Intermittent Spray Nozzles


Hygienic design

Interchangeable spray tips

Capable of cycling on/off up to 150 cycles per second

Does not require a compressed air source

EHP features straight through porting for in-series set-up

Paired with the FlexFlow spray controller, high-frequency cycling known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) can vary the liquid spray flow rate at constant supply pressure with little change in spray performance by adjusting the duty cycle

Product Benefits for Food Processing

Control a wide range of flow rates

Uniform and repeatable coverage improves product consistency

Reduce consumption of expensive coatings

Reduce overspray waste and improve product quality

Exact target coatings secure a clean and safe environment

Promote increased production

Reduce maintenance and downtime

Reliable spray dosing provides an accurate calorie count


Product Specifications

Liquid inlet connection
⅛”, NPT or BSPP; or ½” Tri-Clamp, recirculation ports optional
Maximum liquid flow rate
1.0 GPM / 3.8 LPM
Maximum rated pressure
250 PSI / 17 bar
Thermal insulation class
F (311° F / 155° C)
9.3 W @ 24 VDC
Electrical connector
M8 3-pin
Maximum cycle frequency
150 cycles / sec
Nozzle construction
Stainless steel wetted components, Food-Grade Viton® (FKM) seals, hygienic design

Interchangeable Nozzle Tip Options

For More Information Download Data Sheets

HydroPulse Electric Catalog Datasheet
HydroPulse Electric - Metric Catalog Datasheet

Notes: Due to pressure loss through the Electric HydroPulse body, the nozzle tip flow rate differs from the standard for each tip.
For the CW tips, full cone/hollow cone patterns are suitable for continuous operation only (not recommended for use with PWM control). Please reference the HydroPulse Electric Datasheet for a resolved flow rate range.